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Born and raised in the French alpine village of Courchevel, I have always had a passion for adventure and exploration.

Once I entered the professional world, I transformed this passion into a skill, designing products for the adventurous and their lifestyle; products that are straightforward, efficient, lightweight, and comfortable to use, revealing a spirit of adventure in their design.

Although in widely different spheres of activity, my unwavering commitment to efficiency and elegance applies to all of my designs.

Whether in the mountains or at sea, people approach the elements in a similar manner.

When I first met Nigel Irens, the legendary racing multihull designer, it quickly became obvious that we needed to combine our skills to design the world’s most advanced yachts.

While Nigel guarantees that our boats are extremely efficient when at sea, I design their unique look and ensure efficiency for the people that pilot and live on them.

Since 2005, we have been designing high-performance catamarans for adventurous seafarers, and continue to explore new concepts for premium sailing and motor-powered yachts.



Gunboat 68

We are proud to announce the Gunboat 68 project in collaboration with Patrick le Quément  for the exterior design.
Formerly a head designer for Ford and Renault, le Quément now applies his expertise to yacht exterior design. Chedal Anglay is already well-versed in Gunboat exteriors as we have worked with Nigel Irens on the Gunboat 55, 60 and 78 series'.

The  core design team of the Gunboat 68 also  includes  VPLP Design for the naval architecture and  Wetzels Brown Partners for the interior.


Iskn, the new Slate

The Slate for ISKN in it's brand new version is available. Discover it on ISKN website,  an improved way to "Give digital life to your paper creations"




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activmag talking about us in the special design issue

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