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activmag april 2016

activ mag talking about us in the special design issue

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designboom jan 2016

an article in design boom design blog, about origin 575 and xplore 70

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iskn blog july 2015

The whole story of the creation of ISKN  brand and products. An ongoing success story, we are proud to support that french start-up!

Part 1, in english 

Part 2, in english 

Part 1, in french

Part 2, in french


ensci 2009-2013

During this period, Christophe Chedal Anglay has been in charge of a department of the famous french design school "ENSCI les atelier". This school department was in Grenoble, in the heart of the renowned scientific reseach center "CEA". Here are some links to the projects Christophe Chedal Anglay was conducting (in french).

« Ne me dessine pas un réverbère » Inteligent steet lighting
Espaces de vie multimodaux - MINATEC IDEAs Laboratory Multipurpose living spaces
Ecosystème du Véhicule électrique / CEA - Ideas Lab - INPG Electric vehicles ecosystem
"je pense donc…" Brain Computer Interfaces
Start Up! (CEA Grenoble) Working with 3 statups: 3d non touch interfaces, luminescent panels and bio-analyse chipsets
Eau douce - Energie douce  Portable generators and desalination units
Be brother Smart cities


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