Creative direction and Product design, unifying lifestyle and experiences for the adventurous explorer


A lightweight design equals performance

Weight is a key attribute for high-performance products

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Technology and tradition

ISKN is a startup that links writing on paper to your tablet computer (iPad, etc.). We have designed much more than just the product, we have developed a genuine brand for ISKN, what we refer to as creative direction. For more, visit the ISKN website.

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Lifestyle and sensuality

Eating is an experience that last. Persane, designed in 2004 for Couzon, still a best seller.


Simple and obvious

Simplicity of use, archetypal shapes and industrial challenges. Elegance kettle for Tefal.


Hidden strength

Super light, super strong, super comfortable


GT catamaran stools

Comfortable lightness

Furniture, table art, and lighting inspired by the yachting world



Sculpted  around the body

Being truly ergonomic means that the wearer completely forgets the donned object is even there. This approach can lead to the creation of a new brand, which is what we did for Spinlock Deckware.


Snowboarding , next.

An hybrid snowboard boot construction for the future of snowboarding, in 2000 for Rossignol. Back to the future?


Gears and ropes

Gears sculpted by ropes



Wearable technology

High-tech devices to wear